The UK Pynchon Network

The UK Pynchon Network

Welcome to the home of the UK Pynchon Network, a group of academics focusing on the work of the American novelist, Thomas Pynchon.

The formats of our conferences are fairly informal, mainly a discussion group inviting work in progress, papers, ideas, chapters etc. for the purpose of discussion while attempting to increase our understanding of each others work. It is hoped that this will facilitate connections and hopefully outline the shape of Pynchon Scholarship in the UK. While this is a less-than official “Call for Papers”, we’d very much like to know in advance of attendance and of who would like to present. If you wish to send a brief abstract (no more than 200 words) then it would be more than welcome.

Discussion is open, of course, to any academic work surrounding the fiction, essays and life of Thomas Pynchon. All queries and any abstracts should be sent to Richard Moss and Martin Eve at

Pre conference meet-up!

On Thursday the 31st of March at The Swan and Three Cygnets at 7pm; hope to see you there!


On the day itself we are scheduled to kick off at 10am in the Durham University English Department’s main seminar room.

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