Implementing the Stern Review

Policy UK. 14th February 2017.

A book

Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birkbeck, University of London

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Three areas:

  • Portability of outputs
  • Decoupling/variability of output volume
  • Open access advances

Personal, not instituional, views.

(Non-) Portability of Outputs

  • Part of a broader shift to institutional environment focus
  • Pushes hiring to beginning of cycle
  • Focus on staff retention
  • ECR panic?
  • Additional burden of tracking output eligibility

Decoupling/variability of output volume + inclusivity

  • Move to volume by UoA staff
  • HESA cost codes: accuracy of dataset?
  • Between 0 or 1 to 6 outputs
  • How does this interact with non-portability?
  • Individual circumstances: one of the best parts of REF 2014
  • Does it reduce internal assessment burden?
  • Reduction of outputs per staff member reduces discriminatory power of panels
Open Access
  • "Additional credit" for exceeding requirements
  • Poorly defined. Likely to incentivize a range of behaviours
  • Care around metrics for award here: those with cash for APCs?
  • Conflict with TEF and satisfaction with library collections?
  • Monographs for REF 202X

The End

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