How to Get Published as an Early Career Academic

English: Shared Futures. 5th July 2017.

A book

Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birkbeck, University of London

Why do we publish?

To be read. To be assessed. [Not to be paid.]

A research paper


Symbolic Economy

The Symbolic Economy Maps onto the Real Economy

Library Economy

Three Problems

Three Problems: researcher access, public access and re-use

Problem 1: Researcher access

See under "serials crisis".

Problem 2: Public access

  • Increasingly educated populace
  • Institutional missions to benefit society
    • Or what is a university?
  • The academy becomes irrelevant
    • Especially the humanities

Problem 3: Restrictive Re-Use Rights

  • Photocopying licenses
    • Even for teaching
  • Text mining/derivatives prohibited
  • Inclusion in Wikipedia and other resources
  • Community translation
  • Third-party re-use rights

Open Access (OA)

  • Peer-reviewed research
  • Free to read online
  • Permission to re-use

  • Gold: at publisher/source
  • Green: institutional/subject repository

  • Gratis: free to read
  • Libre: free to re-use
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