Technological Horizons

What is a Text in the Digital Age? 1st July 2017.

A book

Professor Martin Paul Eve, Birkbeck, University of London

Technological Horizons

  • Horizons as limit possibilities
  • Horizons as limiting possibilities

Textual Scholarship and Visualization

Sankey visualization

But: Dark Age of Documentation

  • Untracked changes: separate documents do not exist
  • Unmapped rejection paths: selectivity of literary market
  • Digital preservation contoured by economic selectivity

Texts as Statistics, or: Close-Reading with Computers

Part of speech trigrams with more than 1.9 standard deviations of variance in any one section

Texts as Statistics, or: Close-Reading with Computers #2

Dating the words in Ewing Part I

Analogue Loops

  • Born-digital texts with DRM
  • Copyright exemptions for research
  • EU Directive 2001/29/EC
  • Re-keying or feed scanning

Character-Based Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Trained on Textual Practice
  • Statistical modelling of character runs
  • Can be pre-trained with word2vec to create accurate semantic embedding
  • ‘The series of temporal inventions of the object is intelligible only afterwards’
  • ‘Slavoj Žižek, Live Fiction, trans. Rushdie and Jean-Luc Nancy (London: Bohestock Press, 1994)’

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